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Models of delivery

APS learning and development programs are accessed in a variety of ways.

  • Do-it-Yourself – download program materials from Govdex and arrange for delivery in-house to suit your needs and resources.
  • Our place – send your staff to us at the Centre where they meet and mix with participants from other agencies.
  • Your place – we come to you and deliver the program with our experienced APS facilitators.

Our people

Our facilitators have proven track records in delivering expert, quality training and building confidence in participants. Their public service experiences and understanding of the public service context adds to the learning and translates into practical results in the workplace.

A choice of locations

Self-delivery (Do it yourself) – the program materials for core skills programs are available from the APSC's Core and Management Skills Reference Group Community on Govdex [external link].  Email the coreskillsdevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au (Core Skills Development team )to organise access to this Govdex community.

Program materials generally include learning and on-the-job guides, workbooks, facilitator guides, PowerPoint slides, handouts and evaluation forms. Many programs also include e-learning and videos. Each program has an Implementation Guide describing how the materials should be used to deliver the program in your agency.

In Canberra (Our place) – we have quality training facilities at the APS Learning Centre in Canberra. Participants from across the public service come together from a diversity of backgrounds and experience. This melting pot of expertise means knowledge is shared and networks across agencies are created.  The National learning and development calendar has details and costs of all programs available.

In-agency (Your place) – group training in agencies can be arranged. Our APSC facilitators can deliver core skills programs and many of the enrichment programs in-agency. This can be a good solution when many staff require the same training. These programs attract a cost-recovery, flat fee payment as we send a facilitator to you. This is a highly cost effective option and facilitators can tailor offerings to agency needs.  Please contact the Core Skills Development Team at AgencyTraining [at] apsc.gov.au to discuss your in-agency training requirements.

Core skills programs can also be delivered by non-APSC facilitators. Contact the Core Skills Development team to access a list of providers who can deliver training within your agency.

Last reviewed: 
25 January 2019