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Each year, a substantial number of APS employees relocate interstate and overseas. During 2012–13, 12,367 ongoing employees relocated, through promotion or transfer. There were net moves away from the ACT (1,981) and the NT (51), with net moves to NSW (672), Vic (451), QLD (329), SA (233), WA (202) and Tas (100).

Figure 7.7 shows that APS employees in cities have more interagency experience than those employed in regional locations. APS employees in regional areas were more likely than those employed in capital cities to have worked for a single agency only.

Figure 7.7 Interagency mobility by state and territory, 2012–13

Source: APSED

More than 30% of Canberra-based employees (31.2%) had worked for two or three agencies. Similarly, 19.5% of Darwin employees, 19.5% of regional NT employees and 18.1% of Brisbane-based APS employees had worked for two or three agencies. Furthermore, 7.3% of Canberra employees had worked for four or more agencies, along with 2.4% of Darwin employees and 1.8% of Brisbane employees.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018