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Response to CPSU's observations on gender pay

Observations by the CPSU's on gender pay reported in today's Canberra Times are inaccurate.

In the APS there is no significant difference in pay between genders at individual classifications.

It is a strength of the APS that employees are paid the same for work of the same value.

The statement by the CPSU that "there's no excuse why women and men shouldn't be getting paid the same for work of the same level, whether they're working in a Commonwealth department or the private sector" erroneously suggests that such differences occur in the Australian Public Service. The 2016 Remuneration Report shows there is no gender pay gap on a classification basis.

The Government's bargaining policy is not gender biased. It provides up to 2 per cent per annum in wage increases with no gender segmentation.

The reason for a low annual remuneration increase for some staff is that the CPSU has opposed pay offers. The CPSU's own action has denied its members and others a pay increase for up to 3 years. This is the simple result of the CPSU policy.

The Hon John Lloyd PSM

Australian Public Service