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Correction from the APS Commissioner, John Lloyd in response to the article ‘Wasting time’ by Markus Mannheim published in the Canberra Times on 3 April 2018

Canberra Times

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By email: letters.eciitor [at] apsc.gov.au

Dear Editor,

I write in relation to an article in The Canberra Times on 3 April 2018 entitled "Single employer or many?" I consider contentions in the article by John Wilson to be inaccurate and potentially misleading.

Mr. Wilson states that through enterprise bargaining negotiations the Commonwealth seeks "common terms between enterprise agreements for its departments."

In reality the opposite occurs. Departments and agencies are able to negotiate terms and conditions that suit their circumstances. This is undertaken within a bargaining policy framework mandated by the Government. The approach has been adopted over many years and as a result there is substantial variability in term and conditions across departments and agencies.

The scheme of the Public Service Act 1999 is that the Departmental Secretary or Agency Head is given the rights, duties and powers of an employer of staff.

Yours sincerely

John Lloyd PSM