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Measuring agency capability

The 2015 State of the Service agency survey included a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for measuring organisational capability. The model incorporates six capabilities: change management, individual performance management, workforce planning, project management, talent management and innovation. Capability is then assessed against six criteria: senior leaders, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, organisational systems and evaluation, workforce knowledge and skills, and resourcing.

In addition to the six capabilities noted above, the agency survey also used the CMM to measure agency digital transformation readiness.

The CMM requires agencies to provide a self-assessed rating against the six criteria both in terms of their current level of maturity and the level of capability maturity they require to meet organisational outcomes in the next three years. Analysis of the gap between current and required capability informs agencies about where they might best focus efforts to build capability.

Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Criteria

The six criteria assessed by the CMM were adapted from the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence:

Senior leaders—how well do leaders promote and support the capability and how mature are the processes in the agency to allow them to communicate their vision for the role the capability plays in agency performance.

Strategic planning—whether the agency has a set of strategic objectives for the capability and processes for identifying how these link to agency outcomes.

Stakeholder engagement—what processes exist to engage with stakeholders about the capability and whether there exists processes to integrate stakeholders’ views into the development of the capability in the agency?

Organisational systems and evaluation—whether there are processes in place to measure the effectiveness of the capability and whether this leads to improvement in the capability.

Workforce knowledge and skills—how well does the agency understand the workforce capability needed to support the organisational capability; what processes are in place to support building workforce capability where required.

Resourcing—resources are specifically allocated to delivering the capability and the agency regularly evaluates the delivery of the capability to ensure that it is meeting its requirements.

For each of these criteria, agencies were required to rate their capability against the following framework:

Capability maturity rating scale

Rating Description
Level 0 Not required
Level 1 Required, but not developed
Level 2 In development
Level 3 Developed and deployed in part of agency
Level 4 Developed and deployed throughout the organisation across whole agency
Level 5 Developed, deployed and regularly evaluated
Level 6 Developed, deployed and regularly evaluated and part of a continuous improvement process
Last reviewed: 
4 July 2018