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Long Service Leave - Checking your previous employers

For those of you thinking about an overseas holiday or if you’ve previously worked in a State or Territory public service or in a non-APS Commonwealth body, it’s worthwhile checking your long service leave entitlements.

Did you know that eligible service is more than simply working for an APS agency? You may be entitled to have previous service recognised for long service leave accrual if you have worked for other Government agencies or in the public service before commencing in the APS.

Government service includes non-APS Commonwealth agencies, such as CSIRO or the AFP. Previous employment with the public service of a State or Territory may also count towards long service leave qualification and accrual.

The Long Service Leave (Commonwealth Employees) Regulation 2016 lists other organisations which may also count. Some of the organisations included may surprise you.

Prior service can only count where there is a gap between eligible employment of less than 12 months.

For further information about long service leave please contact your agency’s HR team.

Last reviewed: 
31 May 2018