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Listing of documents supporting implementation of 1999 Public Service Act

Extract from Public Service Commissioner Annual eport 1999–00 (P. 233)

Appendix F—Documents to support the implementation of the Public Service Act 1999

PSMPC Public Service Act 1999 Advices

  1. Implementation of the New Public Service Act
  2. Delegations
  3. Special Employment Measures
  4. The APS Values and the Code of Conduct
  5. Breaches of the Code of Conduct
  6. Staffing Actions: Ongoing Employees (Non-SES)
  7. Engagement of Non-Ongoing Employees (Non-SES)
  8. Senior Executive Service (SES) Employment Arrangements
  9. Termination of Employment
  10. Non-Performance of Duties
  11. Managing Underperformance
  12. Excess Employees
  13. Review of Actions
  14. Promotion Reviews
  15. Independent Selection Advisory Committees
  16. Machinery of Government Changes
  17. Reciprocal Mobility—Replacement Arrangements
  18. Release of Personal Information
  19. Public Interest Whistleblowing
  20. Workplace Diversity Programs
  21. Workplace Harassment
  22. Discrimination in APS Employment
  23. Transitional Provisions for Dealing with Pre-commencement Misconduct
  24. Miscellaneous Issues
  25. APS Employment Database
  26. Transitional Provisions for Appeals, Grievances, Other Rights of Review and Joint Selection Committees
  27. Rights and Entitlements Under Sections 6 and 7 of the PECTA Act (Persons formerly covered by Part IV mobility of the old PS Act)
  28. Application of the APS Code of Conduct to Certain Statutory Office Holders
  29. Limitations on the Engagement of Persons Who Have Received a Redundancy Benefit
  30. Payments in Special Circumstances
  31. Gazette Notifications
  32. Not Issued
  33. Workers’ Compensation for APS Employees Aged 65 and Over
  34. Prime Minister’s Public Service Directions 1999
  35. Delegations: Further Information
  36. Engagement Documentation for Ongoing and Non-Ongoing APS Employees
  37. Authorisation and Delegation of Powers and Functions of the Public Service Minister
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29 March 2018