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Digital learning design standards – help us get them right

Learning design standards are like architectural drawings for learning and development. We are drawing on experts from across the APS who are sharing their specialist knowledge and insights on how their digital capabilities were developed. Our instructional designers take these insights and turn them into blueprints for learning.

To make sure the learning design standards are fit for purpose, we need your help!

The following standards are intended to inform the development of training programs to build the required capabilities. But do they hit the mark?

We need your feedback on whether these learning design standards:

  • Make sense and are practical
  • Adequately address the identified capabilities - is anything missing?
  • Are likely to lead to a learning program you would be happy to build and deliver, or attend or send people on

Following an agile approach, we will release draft learning design standards whenever they are ready for feedback. Some might be more polished than others, but all will benefit from your feedback. The files are in Word document format, with track changes enabled so we can best capture your technical feedback. There is a brief questionnaire for your overall comments and suggestions at the beginning of each document.
Please send your marked-up documents, all feedback and enquiries to capability [at] apsc.gov.au by Monday 11 June 2018.

Once we have incorporated your feedback, we will make the next versions of the learning design standards available. Agencies will be able to access the digital learning design standards to develop or procure training for their people.

Accessible pdfs

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