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Learning and development strategy

The APS leadership and core skills strategy  outlines and prioritises the APS learning and development investment. The strategy identifies the skills required for the APS to perform its role in supporting the government and citizens to a high standard. 

The strategy is organised around three skills categories:

  1. Leadership practice. The leadership practice of engaging people to make progress on challenges is critical for the APS: to innovate, collaborate and move toward a new vision of the future.
  2. Management expertise. Specific management expertise is required to support the APS to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Developing business-oriented and people-management expertise provides an important opportunity to realise productivity and efficiency gains. This includes specific expertise in areas of planning and managing change, designing business models, purchasing services, program evaluation, and organisational design.
  3. Core and foundation skills. The APS needs employees who are responsive to the business environment and who have the knowledge and skills to:
    • operate within the frameworks and values expected of the APS
    • understand and support government processes
    • collaborate within and across teams and agencies to solve problems
    • apply effective public sector professional skills to deliver public value.

The APS also needs employees with the foundational skills to operate successfully in the workplace.

The full set of capabilities and skills are detailed in the Strategy.

Last reviewed: 
10 May 2018