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Learn Human Centred Design with BizLab Academy

Interested in finding innovative ways to design solutions to complex problems? Did you know that having the user at the centre of the design is the way forward?

The innovation hub BizLab Academy at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is offering a new training program on Human Centred Design (HCD). The program is open to all APS staff and will commence this month in Canberra.

HCD is a strategic approach to tackling problems by putting the user at the heart of designing solutions. HCD training can help to strengthen your decision-making skills, policy development and program delivery.

BizLab is offering a three-day interactive training course designed to give participants an understanding of HCD tools and techniques that can be applied to complex problems.

Further information about registration and program costs is available from BizLab Academy.

Last reviewed: 
1 August 2018