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Learn how to drive change in policy making

Chances are you’ve heard of behavioural economics or behavioural insights, but what is it? How does it apply to your work, and where can you learn more about it?

It may have different names but it’s a simple concept.

The Behavioural Exchange Conference (BX2018) is your chance to learn about behavioural economics and how you can apply it to policy design. Part of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) will be hosting the Conference in Sydney on 25 and 26 June 2018. Make sure you don’t miss out, lock it in now!

BX2018 is a global behavioural insights conference bringing together thought leaders, policy makers and practitioners from behavioural science fields. Delegates will hear from Cass Sunstein, Co-author of Nudge. The Conference will showcase Australian applications of behavioural insights to public policy, from behavioural economics 101, to workshops on specific policy issues. There’s something for everyone.

Register now with the BETA team at PM&C to develop skills and learn how to drive change in your work. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for all the latest news and updates @bxconference.

Last reviewed: 
8 June 2018