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Leading digital transformation

Suitable for: All SES staff (including acting at this level)

Duration: 4 days spanning 6 weeks.
Price: This program is fully funded as part of the Building Digital Capability program
Dates: Program dates can be found on APSLearn
Registration: APS Learn
Contact: leadership [at] apsc.gov.au or (02) 6202 3765

Program overview

Supports SES participants to recognise the challenges and opportunities of leading in the digital age to meet the expectations of citizens, business and other users of government services.

Participant benefits

This program will support participants as they:

  • Lead the movement for digital transformation
  • Create public value through digital ways of working
  • Create the environment for successful digital transformation
  • Recognise the why, how and where to apply agile ways of working in their agency
  • Mobilise the workforce to deliver digital transformation and change
  • Recognise where and how to prioritise effort to create a roadmap for a digital future.


  • Two facilitated workshops
    • Workshop one: One day
    • Workshop two: Three days
  • Digital Leadership Mindset Assessment (including debrief)
Last reviewed: 
22 May 2019