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Key elements of the APS strategy

The APS Employment and Capability Strategy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employees (the APS Strategy) has been operational since 2005. An independent evaluation in 2008 found that the APS Strategy has been a significant factor in arresting the decline in the representation of Aboriginals
and/or Torres Strait Islanders in the APS, and has succeeded in boosting the profile of the APS as an employer of choice for Indigenous Australians.

The APS Strategy has been aligned to the COAG commitments, and consists of four key objectives:47

Attract more Indigenous Australians to the APS and facilitate pathways to their employment through the Commission's centralised recruitment programs.

Provide current Indigenous employees with opportunities for skills and career development across APS agencies, including staff in regional and remote areas.

Assist agencies to create and maintain supportive and culturally respectful workplaces to ensure Indigenous employees' enjoy a positive experience in the APS leading to improved retention rates.

Support employers to enhance their own and their agency's skills in working with and sustaining Indigenous staff.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018