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John Lloyd chatting at #GradHack 2016

I'm really pleased to be at the hackathon today. I think it's an excellent idea. It makes work a bit enjoyable and that's important, that people be engaged in their work and feel that it's interesting and fulfilling. Also, there's serious topics being looked at. They're important issues and there's some great ideas coming forward from the hackathon about these very important issues.

So, I think it's a very valuable use of time and it's touching the great capacity and range of abilities we have in the young people, the young graduates, and that's important for us as a public service. Also, I think it's important that the people who are here today take home their ideas and the fact that there are innovative ways of looking at serious policy issues and apply that in their work going forward. So if that happens I think that is a very important outcome of the whole event, and makes it most worthwhile, both for us and for the participants.

Last reviewed: 
13 May 2018