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Jawun Secondment Program

The Jawun Secondment Program enables APS executives to work with professionals from corporate, government and philanthropic sectors within indigenous organisations across Australia. 

The 2019 Jawun Secondment Program is open to Executive Level employees of agencies that have opted to participate in the program. To find out if your agency is part of the program, check the list here.

The aim of the program is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of indigenous culture and an insight into an indigenous community. The Program focusses on building the capacity of indigenous leaders and organisations.

Twenty-eight senior executive visits were undertaken in 2017-18 and 72 APS participants from 26 agencies were placed across the ten Jawun regions.

Recently one APS participant, Wendy Hughes from the Department of Home Affairs had the opportunity to work with the Marninwarntikura Women’s Resource Centre in Fitzroy Crossing, West Kimberley.

Wendy said, "working in a very different and remote environment was an exceedingly challenging, fascinating and highly rewarding task. I gained a much deeper understanding of the amazing connection Aboriginal people have with the land and their resourcefulness in living off it. I was told by one Aboriginal man when we were walking in the bush that I probably only saw bush, which was right, but he then told me that when he looked at the bush he saw a supermarket, a chemist and a hardware store".

Wendy has joined a long list of APS employees who have developed their capability whilst assisting indigenous organisations, through the Jawun program. Click here for more information about Jawun.

Last reviewed: 
31 October 2018