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Introduction to better practice regulation

Suitable for: APS - EL

Duration: e-learning and 2-day workshop
Venue: APS Learning Centre, Canberra
Price: $1325.00 (excl. GST)
Registration: Visit APS Learn for scheduled dates and to enrol for this program
Contact: Coreskillsdevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au

Program overview

In this program you will develop an understanding of regulation as an instrument of policy and the scope of regulatory efforts in Australia (by the Government, and state and local governments). You will engage in discussions with your peers about the Australian regulatory environment based on the formal eLearning module completed before attending the workshop. Additionally, you will learn how to critically evaluate the impact of regulation on a stakeholder group. You will also understand how stakeholder engagement plays a role in evaluation of an effective regulatory program.

Participant benefits

On completion of this program, a participant will be able to or better able to:

  • discuss the use of regulation as an instrument of policy
  • describe the scale and scope of regulatory efforts in Australia – by the Australian government, and state and local governments
  • critically evaluate the likely impact of regulation on the regulated community
  • determine the design and operational characteristics of an efficient and effective regulatory intervention
  • discuss the importance of stakeholder engagement in implementing, administering and evaluating efficient and effective regulatory programs, and
  • describe the features of an effective Regulatory Impact Statement.
Last reviewed: 
3 January 2019