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Information and knowledge management

Information and knowledge management roles develop, maintain, implement and deliver systems for keeping, updating, accessing and preserving records, files, information, historical documents and artefacts.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Information Governance and Knowledge Archivist 160201 Archival professionals identify and document records of significance, plan, develop and implement systems and procedures for the safekeeping, management and access to records over time, and provide access to records.
Curator 160202 Curators plan and organise a gallery or museum collection by drafting collection policies and arranging acquisitions of pieces.*
Data Management 160208 Data management professionals oversee the development and use of data systems throughout the organisation.
Genealogist 160203 Genealogists locate and interpret records related to family history and make pedigree charts of family histories.
Historian 160207 Historians research the history of human activity and prepare accounts of findings.*
Information  & Knowledge Management 160204 Information Management professionals develop, maintain, implement and deliver manual and electronic systems for keeping, updating, accessing and preserving information. This includes ICT records and other documents and files. Roles previously mapped to Information & Knowledge Management / Information Governance & Knowledge / Knowledge Management 160205 and ICT / Service Delivery / Information / Knowledge Management 150302 now amalgamated with this role.
Records Management 160206 Records managers provide assistance to business and technical staff on information management practices and requirements, including recordkeeping training and repository management.
Librarians Librarian 160101 Librarians develop, organise and manage library services such as collections of information, recreational resources and reader information services.*
Library Assistant 160102 Library assistants issue, receive and shelve library items and maintain associated records.
Library Technician 160103 Library technicians assist librarians and other information managers in organising and operating systems for handling recorded material and files.*
Last reviewed: 
20 March 2019