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Information and communications technology, 2017–18

During 2017–18 the Commission rolled out Windows 10—Office 2016—Desktop Anywhere devices to employees with the aim of improving business outcomes through the use of mobile technology. In keeping with broader government and general technology directions, we continued to look for more flexible solutions for our employees and increasingly adopted SaaS (software as a service) business systems instead of on-premise systems.

We continued to receive ICT infrastructure services through shared services provided by the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

Website enhancements

The Commission released an updated version of the APSC website, www.apsc.gov.au, during the reporting year. The refreshed website was moved to the govCMS whole-of-government cloud-based content management and website hosting service.

Document and records management

During 2017–18 the Commission upgraded its document and records management system, HPE Content Manager, and provided training and support for users.

Last reviewed: 
18 October 2018