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Information and communications technology

Information and communications technology roles plan, organise, direct, control, coordinate and support the ICT strategies, plans and operations of an organisation to ensure the ICT infrastructure and software supports the organisation's overall operations and priorities.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Business Change Business Process Analysis/Design 150101 Business process analysis/design professionals analyse business functions, processes and associated needs/capabilities, including the definition of user requirements, leading to the design and development of new or updated systems.
ICT Program and Project Support 150103 ICT program and project support professionals provide support for deploying and maintaining computer infrastructure and web technology.
Program and Project Manager 150102 Program and Project Managers professionals plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate projects and programs of work. They are accountable for day-to-day operations including resourcing, scheduling, prioritisation and task coordination, and delivering objectives and deliverables within agreed time frames and budgets.
IT Business Management ICT Quality Assurance Engineer 150202 ICT quality assurance engineers create, maintain and manage technical quality assurance processes and procedures to assess efficiency, validity, value and functional performance of computer systems and environments. They also audit systems to ensure compliance with, and adherence to, the agreed quality standards.
Procurement and Vendor Relations 150201 Procurement and vendor relations professionals manage the procurement of ICT resources including management of suppliers and assets.
Strategic Leadership 150203 Strategic leadership professionals use strategy to manage and influence people. They create organisational structures, utilise resources and define and promulgate a strategic vision for the future.
Service Delivery Databases and Data Administration 150301 Databases and data administration professionals plan, develop, configure, maintain and support database management systems in accordance with user requirements ensuring optimal database integrity, security, back up, reliability and performance.
ICT Infrastructure and Facilities 150303 ICT infrastructure and facilities professionals operate and control the ICT infrastructure (typically hardware, software, data stored on various media, and all equipment within wide and local area networks) required to deliver and support ICT services and products.
ICT Security 150305 ICT security professionals manage and administer information security controls to maintain confidentiality and integrity, including the authorisation and monitoring of access to ICT facilities or infrastructure in accordance with established organisational security policy.
Information/Knowledge Management 150302 Information and knowledge management professionals control and exploit information to meet the needs of an organisation (strategy, policy, design, sourcing, maintenance, analysis, storage, compliance, use, combination and interpretation).
Networks and Telecommunications 150304 Networks and telecommunications professionals operate and control Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Telecommunications equipment.
Service Management 150306 Service management professionals manage, plan, implement, control and review ICT service provisions to meet customer business requirements including implementation and monitoring of service level agreements and the ongoing management of operational facilities to provide the agreed levels of service for both contract-based services and internal client arrangements.
Systems Administration 150307 Systems administration professionals install, manage and maintain system software such as operating systems, data management products, office automation products and other utility software.
Service Support Helpdesk/Support 150401 Helpdesk and support professionals provide support, education and guidance in the deployment and maintenance of computer infrastructure, and diagnosis and resolution of technical problems and issues.
Training and Development 150402 Training and development professionals provide learning and development support services in the form of documentation, training, eLearning and facilitation.
Solutions Development Development and Programming 150501 Development and programming professionals design, create, test and document new and amended software components from supplied specifications in accordance with agreed development and security standards and processes.
Systems Analysis and Design 150502 Systems analysis and design professionals evaluate processes and methods used in existing ICT systems, propose modifications and additional system components or new systems to meet user needs as expressed in specifications and other documentation.
Web Administrator 150503 Web administrators are responsible for maintaining one or more websites on behalf of an organisation.
Solutions Implementation Systems Integration and Deployment 150601 Systems integration and deployment professionals support the deployment and maintenance of computer infrastructure and web technology and diagnose and resolve technical problems.
Testing 150602 Testing professionals typically plan, design, manage, execute and report on tests to ensure that new and amended systems, configurations, packages, or services, together with any interfaces, perform as specified (including security requirements).