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Information and communication technology

The Commission’s ICT infrastructure services are provided under a memorandum of understanding with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

During 2012–13, the Commission undertook a range of ICT initiatives in support of our strategic outcomes. These included:

  • continued investment in the APSjobs online employment portal to further improve the usability of the application, both for general users and agency administrators, and to make the site more accessible for all users
  • ongoing enhancements to the SES cap reporting application to improve ease of use and functionality for human resources staff in agencies
  • migration of a range of business applications to the DEEWR enterprise data centre to improve supportability and availability.

The Commission’s web accessibility action plan, which documents our strategy to make our websites and web applications more accessible, was endorsed by the Executive in February 2013. During 2012–13, the Commission initiated several projects to improve access to information:

  • upgrades to a number of our public websites (Public Sector Management Program, Remuneration Tribunal and Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal) to use content management systems to improve the ease of maintenance and support
  • in association with the website upgrades, updates to page content to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The Commission also has an ongoing project to update recent document content on these sites to make it more accessible
  • upgrade of our intranet site to improve its usability and accessibility compliance.

The Commission has also undertaken a range of internal awareness-raising initiatives and training in relation to accessibility.

The Commission conducted a series of internal initiatives aimed at improving the productivity of staff using the ICT environment. These included:

  • upgrading desktop computers to use Microsoft Office 2010
  • installating a wireless network in the Commission offices in Canberra
  • reviewing and improving information on using ICT available on the Commission intranet.

We also started using videoconferencing technology to a much greater extent to improve the outreach of a number of our programs. Both the SES orientation program and the graduate program used videoconferencing to include APS staff located outside Canberra in sessions being run in Canberra. The use of technology to improve outreach and engagement is anticipated to be a continuing theme for the Commission in the coming years.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018