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Influencing, negotiation and persuasion

Suitable for: APS 3 - 6

Duration: 1-day workshop
Venue: APS Learning Centre, Canberra
Price: $675.00 (excl. GST)
Registration: Visit APS Learn for scheduled dates and to enrol for this program
Contact: CoreSkillsDevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au

Program overview

Explore aspects of influence and the psychology of persuasion. Understand how verbal and physical language affects interpersonal exchanges, including negotiations, meetings and briefings. Build your practical knowledge and experience through discussion and participation.

Participant benefits

  • Understand influence, negotiation and persuasion and its role in the workplace.
  • Recognise how to confidently and respectfully influence through your actions and to negotiate clearly with managers, colleagues and others.
  • Apply practical negotiation skills when you need to persuade and influence.


  • Pre-workshop activities to assess your ability to influence others and to identify a work place scenario where influence is required.
  • One-day workshop.
  • Post workshop consolidation activity.
Last reviewed: 
3 January 2019