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For individuals

There are many different ways that you can learn the skills you need to do your job well in the APS. Some examples may include:

  • APS Induction for new starters
  • On-the-job training or learning from your peers and colleagues
  • Attending workshops and external courses
  • Completing eLearning
  • Undertaking compliance training
  • Supported external study
  • Coaching and mentoring.

Any learning and development (L&D) that you do should be linked to your performance agreement, so talk to your manager and your agency's HR team to work out the best options for you and your role.You might like to work through this guide with your manager (http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/current-publications/on-the-job-learning-good-practice-guide)

You might also consider the range of skills-development programs available through the APSC. These programs have been developed in partnership with departments and agencies and are designed with the specific needs of the public service in mind. The National learning and development calendar lists the programs and dates for delivery.

Next steps:


  • Understand what you need.
  • Talk with your supervisor.
  • Talk with your L&D specialist in your department or agency.


  • Discuss the options you have gathered with your supervisor.
  • You may want to perform on-the-job activities related to the training.
  • Choose what training or program suits you and your supervisor.


  • Register for your training.
  • To register for programs delivered by the APCS, visit the Registration page for all the information you need.
Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018