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Individual award

Justin Lokhorst, Australian Bureau of Statistics - winner

Justin’s approach has been to encourage a culture of open discussion and challenge negative perceptions of staff from diverse backgrounds. Justin openly discusses his own hearing impairment to create an environment in which others can speak safely. He gives up his time to coach, mentor, and assist staff inside and outside his own section, and has been described by these staff as an “inspirational leader” who shows genuine understanding and compassion. He is always mindful of seemingly small details and asks what every employee needs to create an environment that is inclusive of everyone. Justin takes risks to promote the value of diversity and inclusion among the executives at ABS, and promotes the importance of diversity across the agency.

Clinton Scott-Knight, Department of Health - finalist

Clinton is passionate about supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce which he demonstrated through the development of the Health’s Cultural Appreciation Program. In the program, he shares his own and his family’s story to help build cultural capability across the department. Over 500 people have attended since July 2016. Clinton encourages other to consider actions they can make at a section or individual level. He shows patience and willingness to try and understand the viewpoints of others while encouraging them to appreciate the importance of diversity. He recognises how diversity groups intersect and promotes inclusive workplace culture through involvement and collaboration with the Health Pride Network and the Disability and Carers Network.

Last reviewed: 
1 June 2018