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Indigenous SES Network

The Indigenous SES Network was established to contribute to progressing Indigenous employment and retention initiatives.

The network is guided by a Terms of Reference and has committed to the following goals:

  • To come together as an Indigenous SES cohort to offer cultural and strategic advice to the Secretaries Equality and Diversity Council.
  • Play a collective role in bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives to Executive Management
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to forge strong careers in the APS. This includes the Indigenous SES network members, and
  • Work together to identify the specific areas where we can maximise our influence for the benefit of our peoples and the APS.

The Indigenous SES Network is committed to driving meaningful change and providing guidance to Secretaries on issues affecting Indigenous Australians. Members of the SES Network provide a stewardship role that contributes to greater representation, retention and progression for Indigenous Australians in the Australian Public Service.

SES Steering committee

A steering committee has been established to drive the priorities of the Indigenous SES Network. The steering committee meets quarterly with additional meetings, face-to-face or via teleconference, every 6-8 weeks as necessary. Members of the Indigenous SES Network are invited to nominate for the steering committee.

SES Steering committee membership

  • Wendy Ah Chin - Co-Chair
  • Kevin Brahim - Co-Chair
  • Tom Calma - Special Advisor
  • Damien Miller
  • Robert Willmett
  • Kate Thomann

The Indigenous SES Network meets several times a year:

Note: Dates are subject to change without notice


Last reviewed: 
26 September 2019