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Implementing the High Performance Framework

The High Performance Framework comprises four Principles (and practices) for high performance and three Foundation elements (see diagram at Figure 1: Principles for High Performing Government. The full report, Strengthening the Performance Framework: Towards a High Performing Australian Public Service (March 2013) is available at: http://www.apsc.gov.au/publications-and-media/current-publications/strengthening-performance.

  • A Principle is a design element of any performance management system. It will influence application and implementation of a system in terms of how the content of performance management agreements are developed.
  • A Foundation element is a necessary condition for high performance, which acts as part of the organisational support structure, underpinning the implementation process.

The purpose of the Diagnostic process is to enable agencies to explore the effectiveness of their current performance management practices and identify what is required to improve existing practices to enable high performance. This reflection will involve identifying key areas of strength that the Agency can build upon to achieve high performance. It will also involve identifying key areas for improvement which the Agency will need to address in order to enhance performance. Following this reflection, any changes required to enable improvements in performance management can be established.

The Principles provide a framework for APS agencies to gauge whether the necessary processes are already in place and, if so, how effectively they are contributing to improvement in the management of performance in the APS.

In addition to supporting High Performance, the Diagnostic process will also enable agencies to evaluate progress in their implementation of:

  • the Public Service Act, including the new Employment Principles and Commissioner's Directions;
  • activities to build capacity in the core skills of performance management;
  • the APS work level standards; and
  • enhance managerial capabilities through the core skills training.

Figure 1: High Performance Framework

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018