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APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016-19

Why do we need a Disability Employment Strategy?

To get the best possible workforce the Australian Public Service (APS) needs to consider the broadest pool of talent. The best candidate for any APS job may well be a person with disability. Reasonable workplace adjustments for employees with disability maximise their participation and performance in the workplace and contribute to the success of their agencies and the APS as a whole.

As One: Making it Happen, APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016-19 sets out actions aimed at attracting and retaining people with disability in the public service workforce, in the following areas:

  • Expand the range of employment opportunities for people with disability
  • Invest in developing the capability of employees with disability
  • Increase the representation of employees with disability in senior roles
  • Foster inclusive cultures in the workplace.

The Strategy aims to meet three key objectives of the National Disability Strategy 2010-20.1 These are:

  • Improve employer awareness of the benefits of employing people with disability
  • Reduce barriers for the employment of people with disability
  • Improve employment, recruitment and retention of people with disability in all levels of the public sector.

About the implementation guide

As One: Making it Happen is a call to action for agency heads, managers, human resource practitioners and all employees in agencies. The Australian Public Service Commission has developed a series of information kits targeting these different groups to assist them to implement the strategy and improve employment prospects for people with disability across the APS.

This implementation guide for HR managers includes the following information sheets:

Other resources:

1 The National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 was agreed by all levels of Australian government, and highlights increasing access to employment opportunities for people with disability as a policy priority.

Last reviewed: 
5 June 2018