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Human resources

Human resources roles plan, develop, implement and evaluate staff recruitment, retention, training and development programs as well as assist organisations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organisational problems.

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Human Resource Operational Human Resource Adviser 210402 Human resource advisers provide advice, guidance and support in support of an organisation's human resource policies and programs. This may include management and monitoring of establishment records, and facilitating restructures or other human resource related activities.
Payroll 210401 Payroll professionals provide payroll advice and support to an organisation and ensure the accurate provision of payroll services.
Recruitment/Redeployment 210403 Recruitment and redeployment professionals assists individuals find employment by assessing their skills and abilities and identifying suitable employers and job opportunities.
Rostering and Workload Management 210404 Rostering and workload management professionals marshal, schedule and manage workloads and staffing to ensure the completion of work. 
Workforce Management 210405 Workforce management professionals manage and coordinate workforce postings, transfers, scheduling and capability within an organisation.
Human Resource Strategic Business Partners 210101 Business partners establish, facilitate and maintain linkages between business areas and corporate services.
Career Coach 210109 Career coaches provide information, advice and guidance to staff on developing a career path within or across organisations.
Diversity 210111 Diversity professionals develop and implement strategies to promote and increase diversity awareness across an organisation.
Human Resource Metrics/Reporting 210110 Human resource metrics and reporting professionals produce and analyse data related to an organisation’s workforce.
Industrial Relations 210103 Industrial relations professionals facilitate, negotiate and provide advice on workplace pay and conditions.
Learning and Development 210104 Learning and development professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate training and development programs to ensure management and staff acquire the skills and develop the competencies required by an organisation to meet organisational objectives.*
Workforce Planning 210107 Workforce planners develop policies, guidelines and strategies related to management of an organisation’s workforce. They identify, analyse and monitor the current and future workforce needs of an organisation and develop strategies to close the gap between the two states.
Workplace Relations 210108 Workplace relations professionals provides solutions to complex, individual human resources issues, including related stakeholder engagement and support, policy development and review.
Organisational Design Organisation and Methods Analyst 210301 Organisation and methods analysts study organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures.*
Organisational Design 210307 Organisational design professionals define and organise the structure of organisations, create job titles, and allocate personnel in the right places to improve efficiency and increase productivity.
Organisational Psychology 210302 Organisational psychologists apply psychological principles and techniques to study occupational behaviour, working conditions and organisational structure, and solve problems of work performance and organisational design.*
Workforce Strategy 210304 Workforce strategists support the development and implementation of human resources (HR) strategies, outcomes, policies and programs in line with legislative and organisational objectives.
Work Health and Safety Fitness for Duty/Return to Work Case Management 210201 Fitness for duty/return to work case managers identify and provide early intervention services, arrange rehabilitation assessments and manage the Return To Work (RTW) process.
Work Health and Safety Advice 210202 Work health and safety advisers provide guidance and support in workplace health and safety matters, train employees in occupational health and safety procedures, monitor and audit the workplace, and record and investigate incidents to ensure the health and wellbeing of workers.*
Work Health and Safety Inspection 210203 Work health and safety inspectors inspect machines, equipment, working conditions and public places to ensure compliance with government and industry standards and regulations, in relation to occupational health and safety.*
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20 March 2019