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For HR and L&D professionals

As an HR professional, you play a key role in supporting managers and APS employees in their learning and development. Learning and development encompasses a wide range of activities designed to improve the capabilities of people. Capabilities comprise not only the technical skills and knowledge people need to perform well in their roles, but also their attributes, behaviours and attitudes.

Your agency will have job-role specific training essential for employees to perform their job.  However, the leadership practice, management expertise, and core and foundational skills programs offered by agencies should align to the APS leadership and core skills strategy.

How the APS Centre for Leadership and Learning can help


The APS leadership and core skills strategy identifies and prioritises the APS's learning and development investment. Regularly refreshed, the strategy identifies the skills required for the APS institution to perform its role supporting government and citizens to the highest standard. http://www.apsc.gov.au/learn-and-develop/aps-leadership-and-core-skills-strategy-2014-15-refresh


We have developed a suite of world class, leading-edge leadership development programs for the SES Band 3 – EL 2 levels. To learn more about these programs go to Leadership development.

Management and core skills

We have been working in partnership with agencies to develop management expertise and core skills programs that address the priorities identified in the strategy. These program materials are available for agencies. To access the Govdex community, contact the core skills team.

Our team of professional APS facilitators are available to deliver the management and core skills programs in your agency, and can customise the programs to suit your needs. For further information see Models of delivery.

Partnering with you

The Centre for Leadership and Learning has a team of highly qualified and experienced L&D professionals who can help you with:

  • Developing an L&D strategy that supports your agency's corporate plan
  • Designing learning programs that work
  • Facilitating learning in the APS, by the APS, for the APS
  • Evaluating the impact of your L&D investment for your agency's people capability
  • Coaching your executives to be the high performers the APS needs.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with agencies to develop our people in the APS. To meet our team, and for further information on our services, go to Contact us.

Next steps

The best learning and development is aligned to the business needs and the individual's role. To do this, we suggest:

  • Identify the skills and capabilities according to job role and your agency's strategic priorities.
  • Identify options for acquiring these skills and capabilities. Consider the full spectrum – education, experience and engagement.
  • Work in partnership with business areas and managers to develop L&D plans and a program of activities.
  • Support managers and employees by providing a range of flexible learning activities that develop the capabilities in most effective and efficient way.

We can help you with all of these steps. Contact us and speak with our advisors about all our services.

Remember, L&D is more than sending people on courses.

Last reviewed: 
15 May 2018