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How well do you know the public you serve?

Dr Parkinson’s question to the APS - how well do you know the public you serve? -  is front of mind for participants in the APS Band 2 leadership program. During their recent visit to Wagga Wagga and Walla Walla, 17 Band 2s from 10 departments met with members from both communities. In an effort to better understand the Wagga Wagga community, they spoke with people across business, health and education, the indigenous community including Wiradjuri elders and those working to achieve refugee resettlement in their small country town.

Debbie Evans from Charles Sturt University reminded participants of the importance of “living well in a world worth living in”. The APS leaders saw this as a reminder of their stewardship responsibilities of the APS.

Deputy Secretaries Jenet Connell, Roxanne Kelley and Penny Williams encouraged the group to share their reflections about their time in the community with the Independent Review of the APS. The challenge was quickly accepted!

In meeting with Mary Wiley-Smith and the APS Review Secretariat, the Band 2s used their experiences to frame recommendations about what is required of the APS of the future in serving the government and the citizens of Australia. The group will now be a touchpoint for the panel as the review progresses. 

Stay up to date and continue to share your thoughts with the APS Review at https://www.apsreview.gov.au

Find out about this and other APS leadership programs at https://www.apsc.gov.au/leadership-and-ses

Last reviewed: 
3 September 2018