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How to make reform stick - a message from the APS Review

It’s striking that a substantial number of the issues and suggested solutions for public service reform have been said before. The APS Review has looked at 15 years of reviews and reform work by government agencies, parliamentary committees, academics and other domestic and international jurisdictions.

What’s clear is there is no lack of ideas for change but making it stick is a very different matter. That’s why the review team asked APS employees how it could make lasting change in its latest round of consultation. It’s also why they’ve travelled the country three times over the past year to hear direct from APS staff. And why they've convened a group of passionate change agents (pictured) to dig deeper and help them understand this phenomenon. We may have heard it all before, but have we done it all?

The evidence shows the ingredients we need to make the shift are:

  • committed leadership
  • clear prioritisation of reforms
  • a transformation leader
  • deep engagement across the service
  • short, medium and long-term metrics for success
  • enduring resources and support.

Read more of the review team’s thinking on making change happen in part 1 of its priorities for change document, which sets the context for the panel’s recommendations. Comment on their draft priorities and initiatives by 2 May. And stay tuned for the review’s final recommendations in the middle of the year.



Last reviewed: 
1 May 2019