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Health roles develop programs and policies, conduct tests and diagnose and treat physical and physiological disorders, and provide nursing care, advice and counselling to patients to maintain, promote and restore good health and safe and healthy working environments. This may include patient care in hospitals, nursing homes and other health and community-based care facilities, and support, information and advice to clients on a range of social welfare matters.*

Job function Job role Job role code Description
*ANZSCO description
Health and Allied Health Professionals Dental Assistant 220221 Dental assistants prepare patients for dental examination and assist Dental Practitioners, Hygienists and Therapists in providing care and treatment.
Dental Technician 220220 Dental technicians construct and repair dentures and other dental appliances.*
Dentist 220201 Dentists diagnose and treat dental disease, restore normal oral function using a broad range of treatments, such as surgery and other specialist techniques, and advise on oral health.*
Dietitian/Nutritionist or Nutrition Professional 220202 Dietitians apply the science of human nutrition to help people understand the relationship between food and health and make appropriate dietary choices to attain and maintain health, and to prevent and treat illness and disease.*
Generalist Medical Practitioner 220203 Generalist medical practitioners diagnose and treat physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries, recommend preventive action and refer patients to specialist Medical Practitioners, other health care workers, and social, welfare and support workers.*
Health Promotion 220204 Health promotion professionals devise and implement marketing and promotional campaigns to improve and control the health of individuals and communities.
Job Capacity Assessment 220205 Job capacity assessment professionals consider medical evidence and assess how this relates to an individual’s capacity to work and the level of support they require.
Medical and Pharmaceutical Advice 220206 Medical and pharmaceutical advice professionals provide information on medical and pharmaceutical products and their application.
Medical Imaging Professional 220207 Medical imaging professionals operate X-ray and other radiation producing and imaging equipment for diagnostic, monitoring and treatment purposes under the direction of Radiologists and other Medical Practitioners.*
Medical Laboratory Technician 220222 Medical laboratory technicians performs routine medical laboratory tests and operate diagnostic laboratory equipment under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pathologists.
Nurse 220208 Registered nurses provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, aged care and other health care facilities, and in the community.*
Occupational Therapy 220210 Occupational therapists assess functional limitations of people resulting from illnesses and disabilities, and provide therapy to enable people to perform their daily activities and occupations.*
Occupational/Environmental Health Professional 220209 Occupational and environmental health professionals develop, implement and evaluate policies and programs to monitor environmental health and occupational health and safety and related legislation to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, and assist injured staff through the workers' compensation and rehabilitation process.*
Optometrist 220211 Optometrists perform eye examinations and vision tests, prescribe lenses, other optical aids and therapy and diagnose and manage eye movement disorders and associated sensory problems.*
Pathologist 220212 Pathologists identify the cause and processes of disease and illness by examining changes in body tissue and in blood and other body fluids, and conducts tests on samples of tissues, blood and body secretions.*
Pharmacist 220213 Pharmacists undertake research, testing and analysis related to the development, production, storage, quality control and distribution of drugs and related supplies.*
Physiologist 220223 Physiologists study plants, animals and cell functions at a biological level at normal or abnormal conditions.
Physiotherapist 220214 Physiotherapists assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease.*
Psychologist 220215 Psychologists investigate, assess and provide treatment and counselling to foster optimal personal, social, educational and occupational adjustment and development.*
Social Worker 220216 Social Workers assess the social needs of individuals, families and groups, assist and empower people to develop and use the skills and resources needed to resolve social and other problems, and further human wellbeing and human rights, social justice and social development.*
Specialist Medical Practitioner 220217 Specialist medical practitioners diagnose and treat human disorders and diseases using specialist testing, diagnostic and medical techniques.*
Speech Professional/Audiologist 220218 Speech Professionals and audiologists provide diagnostic assessment and rehabilitation services related to human hearing defects. They assess and treat people with communication disorders and physical problems associated with eating and swallowing.*
Health and Welfare Support Work Counsellor 220301 Counsellors provide information on vocational, relationship, social and educational difficulties and issues, and work with people to help them to identify and define their emotional issues through therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy and other talking therapies.*
Disability Services 220302 Disability services professionals provide education and community access to people with intellectual, physical, social and emotional disabilities.*
Family Consultant 220303 Family Consultants assist children and families and provide expert advice in complex situations such as child development, family violence, and new family dynamics.  They can also provide child focused interventions to assist families and the courts.*
Houseparent 220304 Houseparents provide care and supervision for children or disabled persons in group housing or institutional care.*
Indigenous Health Worker 220305 Indigenous health workers assist with the coordination and provision of health care delivery to Indigenous communities.*
Youth Worker 220306 Youth workers assist young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional and financial problems.*
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20 March 2019