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Guidance for APS employees during caretaker period

As a federal election has been called for Saturday, 18 May 2019, the Government is now in caretaker mode. What does this mean for public servants?

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has issued their updated Guidance on Caretaker Conventions. They encourage you to familiarise yourselves with the conventions and responsibilities during a caretaker period, particularly in relation to decision making. Caretaker conventions complement the duty of APS employees to remain impartial and apolitical.

If you’re wondering how involved public servants are allowed to be in election campaigns, read this information from the APSC. This guidance is about APS Values and Code of Conduct during the caretaker period.

The APSC has also released a revised Machinery of Government guide with advice that comes into play if the Government decides to change the way Commonwealth responsibilities are managed. This can involve the movement of functions, resources and people from one agency to another.

Last reviewed: 
1 May 2019