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Graduate debate promotional video

Clip starts with …….. music plays continuously in background

  • Blue slide with music in background reading  - 'Highlights of the Great APS Graduate Debate 2015'
  • Image then moves to Canberra Theatre filling up with guests taking their seats
  • Transition to female guest stating {Amazing}…..
  • Transition to male guest stating {Amazing}…..
  • Transition to  another male guest stating { just amazing, I don't know what else I can say really}…..
  • Transition to Winning SES mentor (Government/Affirmative side), Gemma van Halderen, Australian Bureau of Statistics,  stating {ahh today's event I think was really quiet amazing}
  • Transition to Graduate Debater from winning (Government/Affirmative side) Mathew Dally, Department of Human Services stating {amazing}  with video and sound effect of star twinkle on his shinny teeth
  • Transition to Adam Spencer Host of Debate behind lectern on stage stating {So happy to be back in Canberra, love Canberra, if you can make it a little bit colder in the mornings it would be absolutely perfect}….
  • Transition to Government/Affirmative Team (Tristan Rallings, Department of Veteran's Affairs, Barbara Klompenhouwer, Department of Education and Training, Susan Collins, Australian Taxation Office, Stuart McCreanor, Department of Defence, and Matthew Dally, Department of Human Services) entering stage to be seated in knights of the round table costumes …..
  • Transition to Opposition/Negative Team (Stephanie McLennan, Geoscience Australia, Jenny Leo, Treasury, Mark Novakovic, Department of Defence, Alexander McLean, Department of Human Services, and Rohan Kulkarni, Australian Taxation Office) enter stage to be seated to music…. Adam Spencer still at lectern
  • Quick transition to Stephanie McLennan, Geoscience Australia at lectern gearing on audience – team in background cheering
  • Transition to Tristan Rallings, Department of Veteran's Affairs at lectern area holding roving mic, in front of Opposition team stating {Mr Speaker, esteemed adjudicators, ladies and gentleman, you are far too kind…}
  • Transition back to Stephanie McLennan, Geoscience Australia at lectern in front of Opposition team stating {Mr Speaker I stand here this afternoon to argue against the motion on the floor…}
  • Transition to Alexander McLean, Department of Human Services moving around on stage in from of Opposition team, holding a mic rapping stating {the audience from all corners of the APS, DHS, to DSS to DOD I know your feeling me….}
  • Transition back to Barbara Klompenhouwer, Department of Education and Training in front of lectern stating {let me check, I don't know if its wafted out to you yet, but standing where I am there's a smell of desperation coming from members of the Opposition}….. teams jeers, cries shame shame, audience applause…..
  • Transition of Adam Spencer seated on Throne holding mic reading tweets stating {and also someone tweeted Adam turn the stage lights down your forehead is looking like a fivehead}… Adam stares in to audience humorously…..
  • Transition to stage Debate announcement of winner Government Team with glitter cannon exploding on stage and confetti spread ….. Tristan Rallings, Department of Veteran's Affairs, enters stage dancing with happy clappers…
  • Transition to Adam Spencer speaking off stage stating { G'day Adam Spencer here, MC, host, chair of the annual graduate debate for the APS, we've just finished the 2015 debate what a day, you've got to be part of this next year, I can say without any hint of a doubt, for me the absolute highlight of the graduate social program… it's the only thing they invite me to but I love them }…. Adam ducks and leaves screen in an humorous way…
  • Transition to slide with music reading { now get ready for 2016!}
  • Transition to slide with 2016 debate topic {Gender Equality -  male champions of change are lauded for their stance.  But are they the solution to the problem or the cause?}
  • Transition to slide with 2016 debate date and venue: {Tuesday 7th June 2016, Canberra Theatre}
  • Transition to slide reading {Book now while tickets last}
  • Transition to slide reading {get your ticket here: goo.gl/6PQo4z }
  • Transition to slide reading {Follow us on Twitter @APSCNEWS}
  • Transition to slide reading {go on}… with twitter bird image
  • Transition to slide reading {its free}… with twitter bird image
  • Screen fades to white with Australian Public Service Commission stacked logo fading from back to front … music concludes
Last reviewed: 
13 May 2018