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GovTEAMS - work better together

Have you heard about GovTEAMS? A new digital platform that enables APS employees to work, learn and share together in a secure online environment.

The Department of Finance developed GovTEAMS with help from a number of government agencies. GovTEAMS represents a quantum step change from the old GovDEX platform, which ceases to operate in March 2019. GovTEAMS will transform the way we work across government and with our industry partners.

GovTEAMS is exceeding expectations on membership take-up following its open beta release last month. Join the transformation by jumping online and registering for GovTEAMS today.

The platform offers a range of exciting features and functionalities, enabling public servants to connect, share and collaborate across organisational and geographical boundaries. Core features of GovTEAMS include; sharing and co-authoring files; connecting through instant messaging and video conferencing; creating and discovering communities and creating an individual profile that will stay with you throughout your APS career. Additionally, you can screen share, access content, conversation and tasks on any device, from anywhere.

GovTEAMS is available for all APS employees to access and explore. Your valuable feedback during the open beta phase will assist the project team in making the production release of GovTEAMS in January 2019 even better.

Want to know more?

After registering for GovTEAMS head to the guide to getting started.

Read more about GovTEAMS on our news page.

Head to our support page to access the GovTEAMS user guides.

If you need help, head to our Contact Us page.

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Last reviewed: 
9 October 2018