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Give your stakeholder relationships a boost


Engaging effectively with stakeholders is a critical skill for many roles in the Australian Public Service, from policy development to program implementation and service delivery. It is often the case that the success of our work efforts depends on how effectively we engage with and manage these relationships.

Identifying the key internal and external relationships is an important first step. From there, analysing the different perspectives, values and needs of stakeholders can help to give an insight into the types of engagement that would be most useful. These analysis and planning skills need to be matched with engagement 'in action' skills - communication, negotiation and collaboration.

The APSC Centre for Leadership and Learning has developed a two day program to support APS staff in working effectively with stakeholders. The program is designed to help APS employees recognise situations where stakeholder input would be beneficial, and builds skills in managing a productive and effective engagement process.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018