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Gender Equality award

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) - winner

The ongoing implementation of DFAT’s Women in Leadership Strategy has driven deep cultural change in the department and opened up new ways of working to improve gender equality, help staff reach their full potential and enhance productivity.  The changes introduced in the Strategy range from the introduction of “all roles flex”, to SES gender targets, to the introduction of unconscious bias training for all managers. They aim to make leaders accountable for setting an inclusive tone in the workplace, to improve internal transparency of their performance on gender and to break down the barriers that staff identified as holding back women in the workplace.  The measures in the Strategy are specific, ambitious and innovative.

Defence Science Technology Group (DST) Gender Equity Working Group - finalist

DST is a workforce made up of primarily STEM professionals with strong ties to the Australian Defence Force. These influences combine to shape their organisational culture, and amplify the challenges they face in addressing gender equity. DST’s Gender Equity Working Group works to foster and embed a workplace culture that is inclusive of all genders. They focus on practical measures that individuals can take to create a more inclusive culture. This ranges from a focus on inclusive language, raising breaches in ‘real time’ and setting meeting times that consider flexible working arrangements. GEWG members empower each other to demonstrate courage by speaking up and showing informal leadership to drive cultural change.

Last reviewed: 
1 June 2018