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Frequently Asked Questions - Suppliers

How does the Learning and Development panel work?

The Learning and Development Panel was established through an open tender. Tenderers who were assessed as demonstrating the highest level of capacity and ability in their nominated service areas were offered membership of the relevant panel(s). The Commission entered into Deeds of Standing Offer with successful tenderers on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. The deeds outline the terms and conditions upon which the agreed services are provided, and set out the scope of approved services and the maximum fees chargeable.

If I am not on the current panel, can I be added as a supplier?

Generally, no. The nature of a panel is that once established, panel membership is closed unless the Commission elects to again approach the open market to broaden the scope of an existing panel. Suppliers who are interested in delivering products and/or services to the Commonwealth Government should register to receive alerts from AusTender (www.tenders.gov.au) which is where all major Commonwealth Government tenders are published. Each agency also publishes an annual procurement plan on AusTender. Any approach to the open market for new panels by the APSC will be published on AusTender.

What is the duration of the Learning and Development panel?

The Learning and Development Panel (SON 1598601) is due to expire 31 December 2018.

How do I know if an agency has access to the panel?

Commonwealth agencies than can access the panel are listed under the Standing Offer Number (SON) on the AusTender website (www.tenders.gov.au).

Where do I find a copy of my Deed of Standing Offer?

All panel suppliers received a copy of their signed Deed of Standing Offer at the commencement of the panels. If you have misplaced your Deed, please contact L&Dpanelmanagement @apsc.gov.au to receive a copy.

How do I change my company details as noted in the Deed of Standing Offer?

The Deed of Standing Offer is the contractual relationship suppliers have with the Commission in relation to their service delivery through the relevant panel.

In accordance with clause 16.1.1 of the Deed, no agreement or understanding varying or extending this Standing Offer will be legally binding upon either party unless in writing and signed by both Parties.

Therefore, it is a contractual obligation that the Supplier Representative advises Panel Services if another individual is to take over the role of the Supplier Representative. The Supplier Representative should notify the Centre for Leadership and Learning of the details of the new Representative by emailing the details of the new Representative to L&Dpanelmanagement @apsc.gov.au. The replacement Supplier Representative should be copied into the email.

The Supplier Representative should also advise the Centre for Leadership and Learning in writing of a change of address or any other changes that amend the Deed (ABN, other legal entity details).

The notice of any changes can be emailed to L&Dpanelmanagement @apsc.gov.au .

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Do you have further questions?

Contact the Centre for Leadership and Learning for further information:

Telephone: +61 (0)2 6202 3794
Email: L&Dpanelmanagement @apsc.gov.au

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