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Frequently asked questions

What is the objective of conducting capability reviews?

The objective of the Capability Reviews program is to promote improved capability across key agencies and to develop a strong and adaptable APS capable of meeting the expectations of the Australian public and future challenges.
The Capability Reviews will also provide an assessment of the institutional capability of the APS as a whole. This process will identify areas of high capability that may form the basis of Centres of Excellence from which best–practice can be drawn. It will also help identify systemic capability gaps that require further focus and prioritisation.

How long does a capability review take?

The length of each review is dependent upon the size and complexity of the agency, with the average duration spanning 2-3 months. Eminent reviewers are involved during the peak period of activity for approximately six-weeks on a part-time basis for approximately 3 days per week. During this time the reviewers participate in interviews, conduct analysis of documentation and develop a final report.

How are capability reviews different to other reviews?

The Capability Reviews are forward looking and evaluate the capability of the agency to deliver against future objectives, being agency-wide and not specific to projects or functions. They provide assessments of the organisation’s people, processes and systems which do not assess the appropriateness of policy advice or decisions.

Contacting the Capability Reviews Program

If you have any queries regarding capability reviews, please contact us at:

Capability Reviews Program
Australian Public Service Commission
16 Furzer St
Phillip ACT 2606
Phone: 02 6202 3925
Email: capabilityreviews [at] apsc.gov.au

Last reviewed: 
9 May 2018