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Prior to joining the Australian Public Service Commission, Richard Bartlett was First Assistant Secretary, Social Policy Division within Budget and Financial Reporting Group in the Department of Finance. The Division advises the Minister for Finance and the Government on policy and financial matters in the areas of families, health, housing, community services, Indigenous affairs, aged care, veterans’ affairs and government service delivery (including Centrelink, Medicare Australia and the Department of Human Services).

Previous to this Richard was the First Assistant Secretary of Industry, Education and Infrastructure Division within Budget and Financial Reporting Group, which provides policy and financial advice to the Government in the areas of education, energy, industry, agriculture and water, transport and infrastructure. Richard was also the First Assistant Secretary of Efficiency, Assurance and Digital Government Division in Governance and Transformation Group, which has responsibility for key initiatives including driving public sector reform and digital transformation.

Before joining the Department of Finance in 2015, Richard had a range of roles at the Department of Health including First Assistant Secretary of Portfolio Investment Division and First Assistant Secretary of Medical Benefits Division.

Before joining the Department of Health in 2009, Richard worked in a variety of roles in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs over 11 years. Prior to that he worked in educational publishing.

Richard has qualifications in Arts, IT and accounting, with a PhD in early medieval history.

Last reviewed: 
30 August 2019