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Fact sheet 8: People with disability

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The APS encourages and values diversity by supporting workplace cultures based on fair and equitable treatment of employees. Supporting the employment of people with disability is a key focus of the APS commitment to workplace diversity.

A job in the APS can provide you with opportunities to apply your skills, work in various areas and access professional development.

During the application process you may be asked to identify if you have a disability. It is entirely your decision to do so and you are not required to disclose this information. However, if you do choose to disclose that you have a disability it will enable the contact officer to get in touch with you to see if any reasonable adjustments need to be made to the process to assist you in presenting your case fairly. Reasonable adjustment, sometimes referred to as reasonable accommodation, reflects the understanding that people with disability can often perform the tasks of a position where adjustments are made to accommodate the effects of their disability. Reasonable adjustments can also be made available to assist you in the job. There is no exhaustive list of what kinds of changes can be made. There are many different types of disability, and they affect people in highly individual ways.

In most cases, APS positions will have a contact officer when advertised. This person is there to provide information about the position and assist you with any questions or assistance you may need during the application and selection process.

Any information you provide is confidential.

In the know…tips and hints

If you need a reasonable adjustment to be made during the application or selection process, make contact with the position contact officer. The contact officer will be able to assist you with organising any adjustments required.

In the know…tips and hints

Contact the human resource section of the agencies that you are interested in working for and discuss the employment pathways they offer.

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What support is available for people with an intellectual disability?

There is a special measure currently in place in the APS for people with intellectual disability. The measure is aimed at improving employment outcomes and opportunities for people with intellectual disability. This means that some jobs will be advertised as open only to people with intellectual disability.

Where can you find more information?

The Australian Government provides a number of services and assistance for people with disability looking for employment. Further information about these services is available at www.jobaccess.gov.au.

Myth versus reality: If I identify that I have a disability I won’t be considered for the position

The APS encourages and values diversity by supporting workplace cultures based on the fair treatment of all employees. Including people with disability in our workplaces also helps us to better meet the needs of the wider community. Identifying your disability will enable the selection panel to ensure that any reasonable adjustments are made so you can perform at your best.

Myth versus reality: If I need to have time off work due to my disability I will get fired

The APS has leave provisions that can assist you to manage your disability and will also provide you with assistance to return to work if you require extended time off.

Myth versus reality: People with disability only get employed in lower level jobs

We employ people based on their skills and abilities to perform the job requirements. The job description, duty statement, selection criteria and speaking with the contact officer will help you decide whether it is the right job for you to apply for.

Myth versus reality: If I have gaps in my work history due to my disability they will hold it against me at interview

The APS recruits employees for their skills and work related qualities. Your ability to demonstrate these will be the most important factor in winning the job. If you have any concerns, you may wish to talk to the contact officer.