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Fact sheet 2 : Finding APS jobs

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APS jobs can be advertised as:

  • individual positions
  • multiple positions within an agency
  • anticipated positions
  • cadetships and graduate positions
  • traineeships and school leaver programmes
  • temporary employment

In most cases, APS agencies run their own recruitment. Agencies advertise jobs in the electronic APS Employment Gazette, in newspapers, through recruitment agencies, on their own websites, and on websites such as www.jobsearch.gov.au.

Various APS agencies keep a temporary employment register in the agency or through a recruitment company. Some recruitment companies specialise in placing people in temporary government jobs. People are selected for short term, temporary jobs based on the skills and abilities required for the job. These jobs provide a good opportunity to gain experience in the public service. You can either ask a recruitment company if they have a register you can join, or if you are interested in a particular APS agency, check the agency’s website to see if they have an on-line register.

In the know…tips and hints

Multiple positions are advertised to fill a number of jobs at once. If the jobs are at the same level, agencies may use generic selection criteria based on core skills and abilities, and an assessment centre to assess a number of candidates at once. Writing exercises, computer skills tests, group activities or job simulations may be used in the assessment centre.

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What is the APS Employment Gazette?

The Gazette is an official journal that lists all appointments and vacancies in the APS. The online Gazette allows you to search for vacancies by job category, region, agency or salary range. New jobs are advertised at www.apsjobs.gov.au.

Where can I find agency websites?

APS agencies also advertise jobs on their own websites. Find a list of agencies at www.australia.gov.au/directories/government-sites-by-portfolio .

Myth vs reality: I’ll have to move to Canberra

Some of us work in Canberra, but most don’t. Almost two thirds of jobs are outside Canberra. Our work requires us to be in many diverse locations including cities, regional and rural areas and overseas.

Myth vs reality: Only public servants can apply for jobs in the APS Employment Gazette

The vast majority of jobs are open to the Australian community. Only a tiny number are for people already in the APS, these are marked with a clover leaf symbol (♣).