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Fact sheet 11: Top tips

Make a decision

  • Find a job that interests you
  • Spend time researching the job – don’t dismiss it on face value
  • Read the selection criteria and duty statement to make sure it is the right job for you to apply for
  • Look at the agency website
  • Speak with the contact officer if you need further information

Go for it

  • Complete your application as required by the agency
  • Use the STAR model if you are having trouble answering the selection criteria
  • Prepare a quality application by drawing on your experiences, skills and abilities: select examples that best relate to the duties and level of the job

Back yourself at interview

  • Be prepared, have an understanding of what the agency does, read over your application and list practical examples against each selection criteria
  • Use specific examples to demonstrate your skills and qualities
  • Remember the interview is a discussion, not a test, and we want to talk to you because we are interested.