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The experience of management

The State of the Service report regularly examines the employment experience for different segments of the APS workforce (for example, women, Indigenous employees and those working part time). The experience of APS supervisors, compared to employees with no supervisory responsibility, is shown in Figure 9.3. APS supervisors have slightly higher levels of employee engagement across all four components—job, team, supervisor, agency—than do employees with no supervisory responsibility.

Figure 9.3. Employee engagement for supervisors and non-supervisors, 2014

Source: Employee census

Figure 9.4 shows that supervisors are more likely to report they have a choice in deciding how their work is done and that they have unrealistic time pressures than employees without supervisory responsibilities.

Overall, while supervisors in the APS have slightly higher levels of employee engagement, work autonomy and are more likely to perceive they are working at their classification level, they are also more likely to feel time pressured. Employee perceptions of their supervisors are discussed in detail in Chapter 5.

Figure 9.4. Employee perceptions of work demand, control and level for supervisors and non-supervisors, 2014

Source: Employee census

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Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018