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Executive Coaching Register


The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) is taking steps to further support Senior Executive Service Band 3 employees by providing them with a mechanism to access formal coaching arrangements for their continued development as senior leaders. As such, the APSC will establish a register of executive coaches with substantial experience coaching C-level executives. The equivalent in the Australian Public Service is Deputy Secretary and Agency Head. Coaches on the register are expected to have substantial experience coaching C-level executives and appropriate qualifications.                      


To be placed on the register when first published, responses need to be submitted by 5pm AEST 11 April 2019. Further submissions or updates can be lodged with the APSC for consideration after the date of first publication (expected end-April).


If you are able to meet the requirements you will be placed on the register. Requirements include relevant qualifications and significant coaching hours at the senior executive level.


To apply, complete the form provided here and submit to leadership [at] apsc.gov.au (Coaching Submission). Organisations submitting multiple coaches will need to complete one form per individual coach.


The APSC will review each submission to ensure all requirements are met.  

Register Use

The register will be available on GovTEAMS upon request for SES Band 3 employees (and/or their nominated representative). GovTEAMS is an internal government platform accessible to approved users. 


Please direct any questions regarding the Executive Coaching Register to leadership [at] apsc.gov.au.



  1. Being on the register is not a guarantee of work. Agencies will undertake procurement in accordance with Commonwealth Procurement Rules should they wish to source a coach from the register.
  2. Privacy: If you register, the APSC will collect and utilise the information you provide. The APSC recommends that you inform yourself of the privacy guidelines Commission Privacy Policy and collection notice Coaching Register Collection Notice.