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Evaluation factor - Negotiation and cooperation

This factor measures the requirement for a role to effectively use persuasion, negotiation, explanation, tact and discretion in order to achieve the desired outcome of interactions with stakeholders.

Work value description Points
  • There is no requirement to negotiate as the role largely relates to the exchange of information on basic and well established matters.
  • Information is not contentious and therefore does not involve debate or require interpretation or persuasion.
  • There is no requirement to negotiate as the role largely related to the exchange of information on straightforward matters.
  • Information is generally not contentious and therefore does not involve debate but may require an element of interpretation or persuasion.
  • Contact with stakeholders is generally in terms of advice and support rather than simply providing information.
  • Issues are generally not contentious but require establishing how needs can be met.
  • A level of tact, diplomacy or persuasion is necessary.
  • Contact with stakeholders is in terms of comprehensive advice, support and resolution of issues.
  • A level of tact, discretion or persuasion is necessary.
  • Some matters are likely to be contentious or complex issues that have scope for alternative interpretation requiring tact, persuasion and sensitivity within the application of guidelines.
  • May engage in some degree of negotiations under limited direction.
  • Deals with complex and contentious matters requiring persuasion and sensitivity.
  • Required to communicate and negotiate with clients or stakeholders under limited direction, to minimise oppositions and maximise acceptance and cooperation.
  • Regularly deals with a range of complex and contentious matters.
  • Requires a consistently high degree of persuasion and advocacy.
  • On behalf of the agency the role is required to achieve cooperation with clients or other interested groups.
  • Negotiates and resolves tensions and difficulties.
  • Negotiates highly complex issues or represents the agency in the context of contentious and high profile issues.
  • Persuasion, negotiation and influencing required to develop positions and/or strategies and gain cooperation on strategic issues.
  • Represents and negotiates on behalf of the agency to advance the agency’s interests in defined circumstances.
  • Brokers agreements between conflicting agendas whilst maintaining key relationships.
  • Negotiates and persuades in order to convince others to adopt policies or courses of action they might not otherwise wish to take.
  • Responsibility to act on behalf of and commit the agency to a course of action.
Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018