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Evaluation factor - Decision making

This factor relates to the extent to which a role makes decisions on the basis of clear, established guidelines and objectives. This factor also concerns the authority that the role has to make decisions/determinations that affect the agency or the outcomes of the business (what decisions are the sole responsibility of the role), what advice/recommendations are given to others to support their decision making and the impact the action taken by a role will have, how far reaching the impact is and the duration of the impact (short or long term).

Workvalue description Points
  • Very few independent decisions are required and they will relate to own work.
  • Decisions are based on defined outcomes, priorities and performance standards and generally have a minor impact on the work area.
  • Actions of the role do not impact business significantly and are short term.
  • Some decisions that may require discretion and judgement.
  • Decisions are of a procedural or administrative nature and have a low impact on the work area or specific function.
  • Actions of the role are limited to within the immediate work area and impact is short term.
  • Administrative and operational decisions chosen from a range of established alternatives within defined parameters and following established procedures and protocols.
  • Decisions are likely to impact the work area or specific function. Information or incidental services are provided which are of use to other decision makers.
  • Actions of the role may impact operational efficiency or output, or service delivery for a work area in the short term.
  • Decisions are within defined parameters and related to an area of responsibility.
  • Decisions are based on policy, procedures and working standards that provide only general guidelines and impact on the work area or specific function.
  • Information and advice is provided which may be taken into consideration by other decision makers.
  • Actions of the role impact operational efficiency or output, or service delivery for a work area over the medium to short term.
  • Decisions concern a variety of matters, affect own work area and may affect another work area.
  • Decisions require evaluative judgement and may involve tailoring work methods, interpreting and adapting existing procedures and practices to achieve results.
  • Information and advice is provided, possibly suggesting a course of action, which is taken into consideration by other decision makers.
  • The role may have significant impact in regard to work area objectives and activities and may impact on other work areas in the short to medium term.
  • Decisions concern complex or escalated issues and have a medium to high impact on the work area however the impact on agency operations is usually limited.
  • Decisions are based on sound judgement, expertise and knowledge.
  • Decisions are governed by the application of regulations or the agency’s operating instructions and procedures.
  • Information, advice and recommended actions are provided which has influence on the decision maker.
  • The actions of the role may have a significant impact with regard to objectives such as operations, output, quality and service which extend beyond the immediate work area. The role influences external relationships which are of importance to the work area and its reputation. Actions may have medium to long term effects.
  • Decisions concerns a broad variety of matters with a significant impact on own work area and may affect other parts of the agency.
  • Decisions are based on professional judgement, evaluating risk and in the context of a complex and changing environment.
  • Full analysis and recommendations are provided which usually influences the decision maker.
  • The role is likely to have a high impact with regard to key agency objectives such as operations, output or quality which are an important part of the activities of the business area. The role influences and affects agency policy direction and/or implementation in a defined area of responsibility.
  • Decisions influence external relationships which are important to agency reputation and may have a medium to long term effect.
  • Decisions will be of major significance to the agency and may include the framing and shaping of policies, the setting of long term objectives or impact on the outcome of a program or major project.
  • Options and choices are diverse and multiple and the outcomes of decisions will often be unclear.
  • Balanced decisions requiring use of professional judgement, evaluating ambiguous and incomplete information, factoring risks and being sensitive to the context.
  • Full information, analysis and authoritative recommendations are provided which is likely to be accepted by the decision maker.
  • Actions of the role may have significant impact on the day-to-day operations of the work area and other parts of the agency, and/or a direct and significant impact on the outcome of a program or major project for the agency.
  • Significant medium to long term affects in terms of key strategic targets and major performance achievements with regard to a range of agency objectives and results.
Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018