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Evaluate and report

A great way to measure our success toward achieving gender equality across the APS, is by reporting on our progress. Here are seven metrics which we need your help to gather, noting that agencies are already reporting against some metrics through the State of the Service.

APS Gender Equality Metrics
Metric Source Reporting Mechanism Data requested from Due date for collection Date report made available
APS Level by gender APS Employment Database (APSED) APS Statistical Bulletin - snAPShots Agency central HR areas First week of each month Biannually, April and September each year Currently collected
APS Level by gender, by agency
Part time employment by gender
Flexible work arrangements Australian Public Service Commission Employee Census APS employees May-June each year State of the Service Report (SOSR) released in November; blog posts on the SOSR Exchange through the year Currently collected
APS agency survey APS agency heads July-August each year SOSR and blog posts Currently collected
Equality on government boards Office for Women ausgovboards.com.au Agency board co-ordinations line Real-time changes through ausgovboards.com.au administrator site Gender Balance on Australian Government Boards Report - annually in June
Reporting on effort and initiatives - by agency Secretaries Secretaries Gender Inequality sub committee Secretaries responsible for gathering data internally to breif the sub committee Quarterly To be decided by Secretaries board
Gender pay gap APS Remuneration Survey APS Remuneration Report Agency central HR areas April each year May each year
Last reviewed: 
23 May 2018