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Enterprise bargaining momentum builds

Australian Public Service Commissioner (APSC) media release

Sixty new enterprise agreements have been voted up and Commonwealth government employees across 57 agencies are enjoying pay increases and continued generous terms and conditions.

Since the election, four agreements have gone to a vote and all four have been voted up.

John Lloyd, Australian Public Service Commissioner today said that he is pleased to see that enterprise bargaining momentum is building, but he is disappointed in the CPSU's campaigning activities against sensible offers.

"I believe the CPSU is doing its members a disservice by continuing to agitate for unrealistic pay outcomes in a constrained fiscal environment.

"Industrial action orchestrated by the CPSU has had a low participation rate and results in loss of income to those participating," said Commissioner Lloyd.

The Government's Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015 provides for affordable and competitive pay rises and the continuation of valued terms and conditions.

"Employees in agencies that have voted up their enterprise agreements are moving ahead in the knowledge that future pay rises are settled and a jointly supported enterprise agreement is in place. Many are about to receive their second pay rise," Commissioner Lloyd said.

Both management and employees are keen to see bargaining concluded as soon as possible.

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Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018