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Effective workplace reading

Suitable for: APS - EL

Duration: 1-day workshop
Venue: APS Learning Centre, Canberra
Price: $675.00 (excl. GST)
Registration: Visit APS Learn for scheduled dates and to enrol in this program
Contact:CoreSkillsDevelopment [at] apsc.gov.au ( )

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Program overview

This engaging program covers down-to-earth, dependable techniques everyone can use to improve their reading. Develop your ability to rapidly absorb and process information. Understand and recognise the purpose of different materials and what reading approach suits different situations. (Reading material includes government reports, web pages, notices and emails.)

Participant benefits

  • Learn to scan information and prioritise and absorb key points.
  • Use techniques like splash reading, assessing, and reading for key points, retention and understanding.
  • Read web pages, body text and structured documents rapidly to review and take notes.


  • One-day workshop.
Last reviewed: 
3 January 2019