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E: Advertising and market research

A total of $78,000 was paid for advertising in 2012–13, representing a 39% decrease over the previous year ($127,000 in 2011–12).

Through the Australian Government’s Central Advertising System, $20,000 was paid to Adcorp Australia, the master media agency for non-campaign advertising, and $55,000 was paid to Universal McCann, the master media agency for campaign advertising, for APS Indigenous Pathways advertising.

Advertising was used to promote development programs, advertise tenders or recruit employees, as well as to recruit Indigenous employees for the APS as a whole.

No market research activities assessing the attitudes of the public were undertaken and the Commission did not employ the services of polling or direct mail organisations.

To support preparation of the State of the Service Report, the Commission undertook a range of processes to assess the attitudes of APS employees.

Last reviewed: 
29 March 2018